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1952 Old Town Scene | Freestanding Traditional Christmas Paper Advent Calendar

1952 Old Town Scene | Freestanding Traditional Christmas Paper Advent Calendar

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ADVENT CALENDAR | The Advent Calendar unfolds into a dazzling Christmas village scene with glittering details, perfect for all ages. Its foldable design fits in an A4 envelope, offering nostalgic charm for both adults and children. Adults and kids alike.

TRADITIONAL ADVENT CALENDAR | A classic Advent Calendar features 24 numbered doors, marking each day until December 25th. Behind each door, a delightful illustration reveals a daily surprise, capturing the Christmas essence, treasured by families and individuals.

PAPER ADVENT CALENDAR | A paper advent calendar, featuring pictures, delivers daily joy, encapsulating the allure of retro presents and adding delightful surprises behind every door. Normally, the image on the reverse complements the scene on the front, making retro-themed advent calendars beloved.

PICTURE ADVENT CALENDAR |A visual Advent calendar, unlike the edible kind, displays festive scenes or illustrations each day, embodying the holiday atmosphere. Made from paper or cardstock, it's a creative way to count down to Christmas with decorative and themed visuals.

CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR | It measures approximately 47 x 28 cm This Advent Calendar is not filled with Chocolate.

A nostalgic Christmas Advent Calendar with an enchanting village scene. Glittering, foldable Christmas village scene, ideal for all ages, delivering nostalgic charm to homes.

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