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At the City Wall | 3D Freestanding Traditional Christmas Paper Advent Calendar

At the City Wall | 3D Freestanding Traditional Christmas Paper Advent Calendar

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ADVENT CALENDAR | This beloved three-dimensional advent calendar showcases a cityscape with an opening gate that reveals enchanting scenes like a festive Christmas tree and gift-laden carriage. A nostalgic, retro-style calendar for festive delight.

TRADITIONAL ADVENT CALENDAR | A typical Advent Calendar has 24 numbered doors, one for each day until December 25th. Each door conceals a festive illustration, revealing a daily surprise that embodies the spirit of Christmas, loved by families and individuals.

PAPER ADVENT CALENDAR | A paper advent calendar, with artwork, offers daily satisfaction, encapsulating the allure of vintage presents and adding pleasant surprises behind every door. Normally, the image on the back complements the scene on the front, making vintage-themed advent calendars especially beloved.

PICTURE ADVENT CALENDAR |Instead of edible treats, a picture Advent calendar showcases daily visual scenes or illustrations, embodying the holiday spirit. Typically crafted from paper or cardstock, it offers a decorative and artistic way to countdown to Christmas.

CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR | It measures approximately 37 x 26.5 cm This Advent Calendar is not filled with Chocolate.

A cherished 3D advent calendar with a city backdrop, revealing surprises like a Christmas tree and gift-laden carriage. Nostalgic retro style, perfect for children's festive excitement.

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