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Birds in Winter Christmas Advent Calendar with Sound | Birdsong Advent Calendar

Birds in Winter Christmas Advent Calendar with Sound | Birdsong Advent Calendar

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ADVENT CALENDAR WITH SOUND | The Birds in Winter Advent Calendar is a beautifully illustrated wall calendar that offers a unique and interactive way to celebrate the festive season. Behind each of its twenty-four doors, you'll discover the enchanting world of birds with a twist

INTERACTIVE ADVENT CALENDAR | This calendar allows you to immerse yourself in the melodic world of birds during the countdown to Christmas. With a simple press on each door, you can listen to the real songs of various bird species, from the cheerful wren to the melodious blackbird and the haunting call of the tawny owl

BIRDSONG ADVENT CALENDAR | Elevate your Christmas tradition connect with the natural world and make your countdown to Christmas truly special with this wonderful Advent Calendar

PERFECT GIFT | Bring the beauty and melodies of birds to the festive season with the Birds in Winter Advent Calendar, the perfect gift for nature enthusiasts

CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR | The calendar is adorned with glitter and comes with a convenient ribbon for hanging. Additionally, it features replaceable batteries for long-lasting use. Measures 52x38cm

This beautifully illustrated Advent Calendar is not just a festive decoration; it's an immersive journey into the captivating world of birds. Each of the twenty-four doors holds a delightful surprise - a real bird song that fills your home with the melodies of nature

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