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Christmas Advent Calendar Heavenly Angels | Religious Picture Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar Heavenly Angels | Religious Picture Advent Calendar

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ADVENT CALENDAR | This beautiful advent calendar of two delicate angels, depicted in exquisite detail, playing the flageolet and harp. Their celestial image imparts a sense of tranquillity, inviting you to immerse yourself in the sacred stories behind each door

TRADITIONAL ADVENT CALENDAR | Behind every door, there are beautiful images that capture the essence of Christmas. From the ethereal annunciation of the shepherds to the tender portrayal of the Holy Family with Saint Anne

RELIGIOUS CHRISTMAS CALENDAR | Surprise a dear friend or beloved family member with this Religious Christmas Advent Calendar, a meaningful and beautiful way to explore the spiritual significance of the holiday season

CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR | Elevate the Christmas atmosphere by using the Religious Christmas Advent Calendar. It will bring the beauty of sacred imagery and tradition into your surroundings

PICTURE ADVENT CALENDAR | FSC-certified paper from responsible sources - No plastic outer wrapping - the card, ink, and varnish are all recyclable as paper. Measures 21x21cm

This traditional calendar is a timeless piece that not only counts down the days to Christmas but also adds a touch of spiritual beauty to your holiday decor

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