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What is the story behind the Advent calendar?
Advent calendars are a way for people to mark the days until Christmas. Advent is a Christian festival that begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and lasts until Christmas Eve. Most advent calendars now start on the 1st of December, due to the fact, Advent starts on a different day every year.

When was the Advent calendar invented and who invented the Advent Calendar?
Earliest records of advent calendars come from the 19th century, as a tradition originating with German Lutherans.

The first commercial advent calendar is attributed to Gerhard Lang, in 1908.

Which religions use Advent calendars?
Most Western Christian denominations observe Advent. Nowadays, it is also a secular tradition with many non-religious people also honouring the season with an advent calendar!

What was the first Advent Calendar?
The first examples of advent calendars include chalk markings above doors, one wiped away each day until Christmas, pictures hung up on the wall, or pieces of straw placed in a nativity crib, one by one. Another common practice, and one still used today, was using Advent candles to mark the days.

What is a traditional Advent Calendar?
A traditional Advent calendar is typically used to describe calendars made of paper, or card. They often have little doors, but do not hide a physical treat - instead, they might have pictures, Bible verses, or other text, like lines to a song or poem, or jokes.

Which Door do you open first on an Advent Calendar | Do you start with 1 or 24 on an Advent Calendar?
Traditionally, you open the door that corresponds with the day - number 1 on the 1st of December, 2 on the 2nd, etc… but it’s your advent calendar! You may find it more fun to count down.

Does an advent calendar go to 24 or 25?
That depends! Most go to 24, but recently more calendars have been counting up to the 25th with a larger gift for that day - these kind of advent calendars are a great gift to give for Christmas, as the excitement lasts all month.

Why are Advent Calendar doors not in order?
There is no real reason for this - some are, some aren’t. It’s been suggested that it’s more fun this way, having to hunt down for the right door every day, and we are inclined to agree!

What is the most expensive Advent calendar?
The most expensive Advent calendar ever recorded was one commissioned for a wealthy Swiss family. Debbie Wingham, the creator, crafted a 12-day calendar with luxury items to represent each country the family would holiday in over the upcoming year, and the final price was an incredible $10 million. Another limited edition calendar was created by Porsche - 5 were available, for $1 million each, and included a yacht and a new designer kitchen!
As for ones you can actually buy, CW Sellors offer a luxury jewellery calendar for only £21995. Bargain!

What is the biggest Advent calendar?
The biggest Advent calendar ever recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records is none other than our own St Pancras station in London!

Worlds Largest Advent Calendar - St Pancras Train Station, London, 2007

It was built in 2007 to commemorate the station’s refurbishment, and measured up at 71m tall, and 23m wide!

Okay, what about the smallest Advent Calendar?
While this one has not been officially confirmed, it is believed that the smallest advent calendar ever made was also created in 2007, back in the home of advent calendars; Germany. A group of nanotech researchers created it after work one evening. It measured 8.4 nanometres by 12.4 nanometres!

What sort of things can you find in an advent calendar?
Pretty much everything! Many manufacturers have jumped in on the advent calendar fun - from well established companies like Lego, to individual crafters.
Whether it’s unique advent calendars such as handmade dice sets for the tabletop gamer in your life; keepsake children’s advent calendars, like our wooden Peter Rabbit advent calendar; Vegan chocolate advent calendars and other consumable advent calendars filled with goodies such as, tea, cheese or gin, pretty much anything you can think of has probably been packaged up into an advent calendar. And it doesn’t just stop at advent calendars for children, babies and adults - check out these cat treat and dog treat calendars for your furry family members!

Wooden Peter Rabbit Advent Calendar Figurines

Written by: Jack Raynsford

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