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More and more people are searching for a traditional advent calendar in 2022 - whether it is nostalgia, or a more eco-friendly advent calendar, there are plenty of classic paper advent calendars out there to choose from.

Here are some of our favourite traditional Advent calendars to get you started:

1. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for Kids

Christmas Advent Calendar Santa Ice Skating | Picture Advent Calendar

Sir Quentin Blake’s illustrative style is timeless - generations of children have grown up loving his work, and we’re sure generations more to come will enjoy them just as much! This jolly Christmas advent calendar for children features Santa whizzing gracefully across the ice surrounded by instantly recognisable Quentin Blake characters . Each numbered door on this eco friendly advent calendar opens to reveal hidden festive illustration. 

Quentin Blake Kids Advent Calendar - Father Christmas Ice Skating

2. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for the Fantasy Lover

Large Deluxe Traditional Card Advent Calendar - Christmas Unicorn Fairytale Castle

This enchanting paper advent calendar depicts a magical scene of a majestic unicorn, with a gorgeous backdrop featuring an enchanted forest, a castle, and even a fairy! If that doesn’t delight, this stunning traditional advent calendar's iridescent glittery accents certainly will.

3. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for the Religious Person

Christmas Advent Calendar Stained Glass Notre Dame | Religious Advent Calendar

This striking traditional Advent calendar features an image of a Nativity stained glass window from Église Notre-Dame du Rosaire, a church in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine. The stained glass Notre Dame religious advent calendar is ideal for those looking to honour the Christian roots of the season.

4. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for the Cat Person

Deluxe Traditional Card Advent Calendar - Mischievous Christmas Cats

Any cat lover will relate to how naughty these tabbies are being! Our cute kitty traditional paper advent calendar features an intriguing mix of photorealistic and illustrated kittens - it’s perfect to show your love for our feline friends. Just don’t let your own cats get any ideas!

5. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for the Dog Person

Traditional Christmas Advent Calendar | Dachshund Sausage Dog Advent Calandar

A warming scene featuring two adorable little dachshunds, this traditional paper Advent calendar is a lovely way to bring more of man’s best friend into your home.

6. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for the Homebody

3D Fold Out House Advent Calendar | Freestanding Christmas Advent Calendar

This charming 3D advent calendar shows a variety of homely scenes, in a cute cartoon style. Along with finding the right door, there’s plenty of fun to be had discovering all the little details in this fantastic freestanding advent calendar house.

Best Traditional Advent Calendar for Nostalgia

Alison Gardiner Traditional Card Advent Calendar Large - Christmas at the Cathedral

Alison Gardiner has such an incredible range of sweet traditional advent calendar designs, it was hard to choose just one for the list! This lovely detailed paper advent calendar features a quaint scene taking place right outside of Canterbury Cathedral itself - ideal for those looking back on Christmases past.

8. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for that Traditional Christmas Spirit

Deluxe Traditional Advent Calendar | The Christmas Imaginarium Advent Calenda

This delightful illustration of a Victorian style curiosity shop is just full of that warm Christmas spirit! It is full of whimsical details, from the goodies inside the shop to the Georgian post box - what else can you spot in this Advent calendar?


9. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for Something a Bit Different

Deluxe Moonlight Silhouette Christmas Advent Calendar | Winter Cottage

This unique advent calendar design uses only a few colours to incredible effect! With detailed little scenes behind each window, it’s sure to be a stand out among all your festive guests.

10. Best Traditional Advent Calendar for the Countryside Dweller

Ideal for the National Trust member in your life, this collaboration between them and traditional Advent Calendar manufacturers, Woodmansterne, pledges a minimum of £30,000 to the Trust! 

So there you have it, our round up of the top ten 2022 traditional advent calendars. Is it wrong to already be excited about the 2023 traditional advent calendar launches?!

Top Ten Traditional 2022 Advent Calendars was compiled by Jack Raynsford

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