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Emma Bridgewater - Christmas Joy Advent Tin Calendar | Christmas Advent Calendar

Emma Bridgewater - Christmas Joy Advent Tin Calendar | Christmas Advent Calendar

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CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR | Get ready to make the countdown to Christmas even more enchanting with the delightful Emma Bridgewater Tin Advent Tin Calendar. With 24 individually numbered tins adorned with festive artwork by Emma Bridgewater, it's a perfect way to create a new family tradition that will be treasured for years to come

EMMA BRIDGEWATER TINS | This set is designed to add a touch of magic to your holiday season, whether you decide to fill them with sweet treats or cherished keepsakes, the possibilities are endless. The set even includes a sheet of advent messages that can be placed inside each tin, adding an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to the countdown

THOUGHTFUL AND SUSTAINABLE | Create a Christmas tradition that's both thoughtful and sustainable. These tins aren't just for one year – they're for a lifetime of festive memories. Fill them anew each year, creating a tradition that truly stands the test of time

ADVENT CALENDAR TINS | The collection showcases 6 assorted Emma Bridgewater patterns, catering to fans of her timeless designs. Each of these charming 24 tins measures 7.5cm x 7.5cm

KEEPSAKE ADVENT CALENDAR | This keepsake box comes in dimensions of 33.5cm x 25cm x 16cm, making it an attractive addition to your holiday decor. It's not just a simple advent calendar; it's a box of 24 numbered tins that you can fill with your own surprises, creating a truly special and personalised Christmas experience

From the artistic tins to the personal touches you add within, this collection turns the countdown into an enchanting journey, and each day into a celebration. Make this year's Christmas a truly special and unforgettable experience for the whole family with this beautiful Advent Calendar

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