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Fabric Bunting Christmas Advent Calendar Garland

Fabric Bunting Christmas Advent Calendar Garland

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A festive cotton Christmas Advent garland

Shabby chic style decorated with stockings, hearts and trees

The garland comes with 24 numbered sacks

Perfectly sized for filling with gifts, treats or messages

Garland measures approximately 3 metres in length

Give your Advent the personal touch. A super shabby chic bunting style Christmas Advent garland. 24 hessian style sacks are numbered, one for each day of advent. Each sack can be tied closed so there can be no peeking! Strung from pretty festive red ribbon onto a red braid. The sacks are great for storing a little gift or treat for your loved one to find and the garland is super to use year on year. Keep displayed after all the goodies have gone as a lovely bunting Christmas decoration. Each sack measures approximately 10.5cm x 13.5cm.

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