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Playmobil 71345 Christmas Sleigh Ride Advent Calendar | Kids Advent Calendar

Playmobil 71345 Christmas Sleigh Ride Advent Calendar | Kids Advent Calendar

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PLAYMOBIL ADVENT CALENDAR | Step into a world of festive wonder with the Horses of Waterfall Advent Calendar. This delightful calendar brings together Isabella, her majestic Andalusian mare Buttercup, the adorable foal Cream, and their loyal companion Lucy the Bernese Mountain Dog for an Advent season like no other

DAILY DELIGHTS | Unwrap the magic of the season with 24 daily surprises that add layers to the heartwarming Horses of Waterfall story. From charming forest animals to festive decorations, it's a unique journey every day

INSPIRES IMAGINATIVE PLAY | This Advent Calendar encourages imaginative storytelling and role-play scenarios as children engage with Isabella, Buttercup, Cream, and Lucy, fostering creativity and enhancing their motor skills through hands-on interaction with the calendar

SPARK HOLIDAY JOY | Delight a young horse lover with this enchanting Advent Calendar. Watch their eyes light up as they open daily surprises and embark on a magical journey towards Christmas

PERFECT FOR YOUNG HORSE LOVERS | Tailored for young horse enthusiasts, this Advent Calendar is designed to captivate the imaginations of children aged 4 to 10

This Horses of Waterfall Advent Calendar is the perfect way to infuse your holiday season with charm, surprise, and the joy of caring for these adorable equine characters. Join in the festive fun as you countdown to Christmas with Isabella and her friends in a heartwarming tale that unfolds day by day

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