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The Moonlit Village 3D Freestanding Traditional Christmas Paper Advent Calendar

The Moonlit Village 3D Freestanding Traditional Christmas Paper Advent Calendar

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ADVENT CALENDAR | The "Small City in the Moonlight" Advent Calendar, a 1955 reprint, unfolds into six 3-D scenes with openable doors, forming a quaint cityscape. Ideal for collectors and a charming Christmas decoration, it evokes nostalgia with traditional images and translucent rear visuals.

TRADITIONAL ADVENT CALENDAR | A regular Advent Calendar features 24 numbered doors, denoting the journey to December 25th. Each door reveals a festive illustration, presenting a daily surprise that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas, cherished by families and individuals.

PAPER ADVENT CALENDAR | A paper advent calendar with images offers daily enjoyment, capturing the allure of historic gifts and delivering pleasant surprises when opening each door. Usually, the image on the back complements the scene on the front, making historic-style advent calendars particularly adored.

PICTURE ADVENT CALENDAR |Instead of edible surprises, a picture Advent calendar showcases daily visual delights, capturing the holiday essence. Crafted from paper or cardstock, it provides a decorative and artistic way to mark the days until Christmas.

CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR | It measures approximately 30 x 21 cm This Advent Calendar is not filled with Chocolate.

The Advent Calendar creates a 3-D cityscape with openable doors, perfect for collectors and festive decor, with traditional and translucent imagery.

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